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Nadezhda Smagina and H.S.H. Prince Philipp
CEO of NEW IMC Group Nadezhda Smagina
and H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of LGT Group



Going to Russia

Recession has hit many industries but there are many solutions for new possibilities. New IMC Group offers consultations and assistance on expanding your businesses to Russia accompanied by PR support. Whatever the size of your business or the stage of your development, we can propose cost-effective ideas for your business strategy in the Russian market.

We use a wide range of off-line and on-line tools in order to increase the interest in your products and services, so you can influence trends and be recognized. Our services include marketing, business consulting, finding a distributor or
a business partner and assistance during negotiation process, organizing of conferences and round tables.

Promotional events & Buzz

Information spreads quickly but it's all about creating a reason for this information to spread! That’s why at New IMC Group we create special promotional events, from simple and traditional to eccentric and shocking that will get people speaking about your product or service.

Work with Media and Press

With background in marketing, finance and journalism we know how to write a press release that journalists can use for publications without any alterations. At New IMC Group we can assure that the media can get the most precise information about your products or services.

Internet Marketing & Interactive PR

Statistics show that more and more industries gain success and recognition through Internet, but we know that Internet presence is time consuming. At New IMC Group we work with blogs, social media, interactive services and New Media to assure that your product or service is as close as possible to your clients on a regular basis.

Web Site Design

In the Web 2.0 era your virtual home is as important as your real home and you want it to be a welcoming place where people want to stay. Together with the ITF Company we work in order to create your unique online home.